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Simply MA.DE XMAS Greetings Card

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A Unique and fully custom made Web Design. All Branding made by iCreate Web Design including logo re-design, Website & Online Shop, Social Media, Internet Marketing and all Graphics!

Our history takes us back in 1968 when Costas Koutsiofis founded a trading company dealing with the distribution of home wares mainly made of plastic, in the whole area of Cyprus.

The first years where difficult and became much more difficult after the 1974 war, where Turkey invaded Cyprus and occupied almost the 40% of the island. In that 40% was our homeland were our first small warehouse was build, a couple of years before the invasion.

Although the tragedy, business re-started operations a few months after the war under the most difficult and harsh circumstances and continued distributing plasticware all over Cyprus until Marios and Kyriacos took over in 1993.

In 1995, the business moves to new premises of 3000 sq. m. where operates and distributes to all main retailers of Cyprus up to date.

Through the years the company blossomed and it is now counted as one of the main distribution companies in the field of home wares in Cyprus.


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iCreate Web Design | Graphics | Simply MADE XMAS Greetings Card
iCreate Web Design | Graphics | Simply MADE XMAS Greetings Card